Financial Planning for Corporate Executives

Corporate executives may have conquered their respective industries, but in the process, their finances have become increasingly complex and often include assets like stock ownership and incentives. As a result, without the time to focus on it, they must instead turn to an experienced partner.

At Veracity Capital, a large portion of our client base is corporate executives. They entrust our team to structure their investments, maximize their employee benefits, plan for retirement, and execute financial strategies so they don’t have to. The corporate world is Veracity Capital’s background, and corporate clients appreciate our independence and experience in financial planning.

Veracity Capital Investment Management for Corporate | Corporate Executives | Veracity Capital

Investment Management

Corporate executives need custom solutions for handling their investment strategy because their income sources are so varied. Sometimes it’s more about growing wealth responsibly than chasing high returns. Veracity Capital devises sound investment plans for executives that align with their wealth and priorities.

Veracity Capital can help corporate executives in the following areas:

  • Employee compensation
  • Restricted share planning
  • Stock option maximization strategies
  • Pension plan and deferred compensation approaches
  • Company stock, industry concentration, and diversification plans
  • Private stock options
Veracity Capital Tax Management for Corporate Executives 4 | Corporate Executives | Veracity Capital

Tax Management

Corporate executives have unique challenges when it comes to tax-related issues. Veracity Capital’s financial advisors help them navigate the most pertinent aspects of tax liability, including:

  • Maximizing retirement plan contributions
  • Conversion to Roth plans
  • Managing stock purchase plans
  • Using donor-advised funds for charitable donations
  • Harvesting capital losses
  • Setting up deferred compensation
  • Planning exit strategies

Veracity Capital’s tax management service can ease the challenges corporate executives face, limiting their tax burden and saving them from overpaying. Our professionals are always up to speed with the latest regulations that can affect your tax liability.

Veracity Capital Estate and Philanthropic Planning for Corporate | Corporate Executives | Veracity Capital

Estate and Philanthropic Planning

The goal of most employees is to build enough wealth to feel confident their families are taken care of when they pass on. Veracity Capital helps corporate executives make effective estate plans, covering typical issues such as:

  • Wealth and asset distribution
  • Asset protection
  • Life insurance planning
  • Family governance
  • International estate planning

Veracity Capital also helps build plans for charitable giving. We work with our clients to define their missions, establish foundations and corporate giving programs, focus on tax efficiency, honor regulatory compliance, set ESG goals, and more.

Veracity Capital Retirement Planning for Corporate Executives 1 | Corporate Executives | Veracity Capital

Retirement Planning

Many of our corporate executive clients want to retire early, whether it’s to focus on a passion project or simply relax. To this end, Veracity Capital helps them channel their resources into retirement plans that work for their purposes.

The advisors at Veracity Capital help set long-range goals for retirement savings. We put you on a multi-year, sustainable plan that allows for your independence, so you can thrive and focus on what you love—even if your income isn’t quite as much as it used to be.

Customized Solutions for Corporate Executive Finances

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