Financial Planning for Business Owners

Successful business owners are builders. They’re passionate about their work, find ways to fill marketplace needs in unique ways, and create businesses that grow and evolve. They always look for new opportunities to innovate and generate income.

Veracity Capital understands those imperatives because we’re builders too. Our financial planning services are geared toward entrepreneurs and business owners with growth mindsets. Veracity Capital’s business team can help them manage risk, structure financing, limit tax liability, and plan for building success. These services include:

Veracity Capital Budgeting and Cashflow Analysis for Business Owners | Business Owners | Veracity Capital

Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis

Liquidity is crucial to business owners. Bottlenecks in budgets restrict their capabilities and are often hard to predict. Veracity Capital’s team locates those pain points and develops strategies that free up cash and strengthen investments. We’ve also built an extensive network of professionals to help our clients with lending solutions.

Veracity Capital Tax Planning Analysis for Business Owners 1 | Business Owners | Veracity Capital

Tax Planning

Veracity Capital helps business owners find strategies for mitigating their tax liability. Our qualified financial professionals find opportunities for tax credits and incentives, stay updated on tax legislation, identify deductible expenses, and implement strategies for investments and debt management that improve our clients’ tax standing.

Veracity Capital Risk Management for Business Owners 1 | Business Owners | Veracity Capital

Risk Management 

Constant evaluation with proven tools and resources are a huge help for business owners in preserving their assets. Veracity Capital does this by identifying insurance strategies, encouraging proper asset titling, finding business structures most conducive to asset protection, and pursuing portfolio diversification to mitigate risk.

Veracity Capital Succession and Exit Planning for Business Owners 2 | Business Owners | Veracity Capital

Succession and Exit Planning

When a business owner decides it’s time to start thinking about moving on, Veracity Capital helps them set plans in motion for succession or business exit. Attempting to sell a business without professional help can significantly impact the success of the sale and result in undue stress. With that in mind, we work with you to obtain a proper valuation of your business, help ensure the sale provides you with a steady stream of income, and inform and prepare you for the tax implications of selling your business. If you’re wondering whether you’re ready to start making the transition and pass your legacy on to a successor, you can take our free Exit Readiness Assessment.

Veracity Capital Retirement Planning for Business Owners | Business Owners | Veracity Capital

Retirement Planning

When we ask our clients what they want to do with their free time in retirement, very few make any mention of running a business. The truth is that most business owners dream of a retirement that can be enjoyed and maintained without needing to work—which is much easier to attain when retirement has been carefully planned. 

To that end, Veracity Capital first defines your goals and desired lifestyle. We then evaluate your assets and organize a realistic strategy for reducing your tax liability, keeping your portfolio in line with your risk tolerance, maximizing the potential of your 401(k) and/or SEP-IRA, and diversifying your wealth outside of your business.

Veracity Capital Estate and Legacy Planning for Business Owners | Business Owners | Veracity Capital

Estate & Legacy Planning

When it comes to leaving an impactful legacy, we walk you through your various options. We show you projections of potential asset and estate growth—something a lawyer can’t help with. Veracity Capital also assists with strategies for passing on large and complex assets to various beneficiaries and trusts, working with your estate planning attorney to help you make a smooth transition.

Move Forward With Your Business

If you’re a business owner looking for experienced and effective financial advisors, call Veracity at (844) 508-7884 or email us at You can also schedule a meeting online. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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